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To view details about individual cottages please click one of the cottage names on the navigation bar to the left, or visit the Maps page to see where the units are located on the North Star grounds and click the map itself to visit the page for that cottage.

What cottages have in common:

General: Cottages are usually rented by the week starting on Saturdays; check-in is 2pm and check-out 10am the following Saturday. All cottages have hot water and electricity.

Kitchen: All kitchens have a sink, stove and refrigerator; they are fully stocked with cutlery, dishes, pots and pans.

Bedrooms: Most cottages require that renters bring their own bed linen (fitted sheet, top sheet and pillow cases), however pillows, flannels and blankets are provided.

How cottages differ:

Kitchen: While all cottages have a stove, the type of stove varies between gas and electric (and occasionally wood).

Bathroom: Not all cottages have a bathroom, however there are several public flush toilets located around the resort which are kept stocked and clean. For cottages that don't have a bathtub or shower, renters may shower at the Lodge.

Bedrooms: Obviously some cottages have more bedrooms than others. It is also important that you know the size of beds at your cottage so that you can bring the appropriate linen.

Cottaging Rules & Safety Regulations at North Star

There are also several rules and safety regulations that we ask renters to observe to help keep North Star a safe and clean place for all of its inhabitants:

Garbage & Recycling

Please take your garbage & recycling to the top of the road in accordance with the garbage & recycling schedule. The schedules are provided to you either within the cottage or given to you prior to renting. The schedule can also be found here.

North Star Rules

By observing the following, you will make North Star enjoyable for all residents. The cottages are close quartered; consideration and respect for your neighbours is expected.

  1. On arrival, please register at the Main Lodge; registration in the log book is mandatory.
  2. A maximum of 1 dog and 2 cats is permitted with the approval of the cottage owner. Pets are to be licensed, vaccinated, registered at the Lodge, and kept under your control at all times. All droppings are to be bagged, tied, and disposed of in a garbage can. Pets with a history of aggressive behaviour, biting, or prolonged barking are not welcome.
  3. Occasional day visitors are allowed, but only if fully informed of these terms. Cottagers are responsible for the behaviour of their guests. Day visitors are not permitted to bring pets.
  4. A maximum of two parked cars per cottage is permitted. Parking is prohibited on North Star roadways. Extra cars are to park in the “Overflow Parking”area.
  5. One motorboat per cottage is permitted as well as non-motorized watercraft. Jetboats, airboats, jetskis, or PWCs are not permitted.
  6. All recreational facilities are to be used at your own risk. Please notify the Property Manager or a shareholder immediately of observed safety hazards. Your safety and the safety of your children is your responsibility at all times. Observe posted waterfront rules. There is NO lifeguard on duty.
  7. Be considerate of other residents by keeping noise to a minimum. Audio equipment and the playing of music should not be audible outside cottages or vehicles. Unnecessarily loud or sustained noise is unacceptable at any time. Quiet time is 11 pm.
  8. Rowdy, vulgar, drunken, or abusive behaviour and/or language will not be tolerated.
  9. Air conditioners and other heavy-duty appliances are not permitted.
  10. Recycle and dispose of waste according to the instructions posted in each cottage.
  11. Bonfires must be supervised by a shareholder, who will get pre-approval by the Township of Laurentian Hills and notify the Property Manager. All those onsite are welcome to attend. Fires are only allowed at the firepit and are prohibited elsewhere on North Star grounds or the adjacent properties.
  12. Bicycle riding is permitted only for transportation by road to and from the cottages and the highway.
  13. Camper trailers, camping vehicles, tents, ATVs and motorcycles are not permitted.
  14. Fireworks, sparklers, guns, explosives, or dangerous chemicals are not allowed. Use and store fuels according to standard safety procedures.
  15. Observe posted speed limits.
  16. Violation of our “North Star Rules” may result in a) removal of the offending party, and/or b) refusal to allow that party’s future use of North Star property.
August 31, 2013
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