On Site Features

Your Cottage

Your cottage will be your haven while staying at North Star. Every cottage has its own unique name and personality. To learn more about the North Star cottages in general please go to the Cottages page or click on one of the cottage names at the left to go directly to that cottages information page.


The Lodge

The Lodge is the central hub at North Star. It acts as the registration office for the resort and is home to the telephone, mail-room, public shower, and a TV for rainy days.

The Beach

The beach is one of the main attractions at North Star. Although the water is generally safe, North Star has no professional lifeguard; children should be supervised at all times by their parents while in the water.

The Badminton Area

The badminton area is available for anyone to use, however you will have to supply your own raquets and birdies.

The Bonfire Site

Toasting marshmallows and hot-dogs is fun but a few rules apply: bonfires may only be lit at the designated bonfire location, and a cottage owner must be present and responsible for the fire. Please see the North Star Rules & Safety Regulations.

Off Site Features

Town of Laurentian Hills

North Star is located within the town of Laurentian Hills. Fire status, garbage, and recycling scedules at North Star are in accordance with the town schedule.

The garbage and recycling calendar can be found here.

Town of Deep River

The town of Deep River is approximately a 10 minute drive from North Star and can supply cottagers with all of their shopping needs. The town has a grocery store, LCBO, post-office, golf club, and a small hospital.

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The Ottawa River

The Ottawa River can provide many recreational activities while at North Star including canoing, sailing, and fishing.

Mount Martin

Visible down-river from North Star lies Mount Martin. A canoe can be launched from Deep River to cross to the sandy shore beneath Mount Martin. The hike up the Mount Martin Trail is fairly steep and rocky; the summit is about 300 meters above the river.

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